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My name is Lorraine Hinks, I am a Manchester Photographer and since 2013 I have been a Portrait & Event Photographer

In 2016 I decided to specialise in Dance and Theatre photography.

Although I am a Manchester photographer, I travel around the UK visiting dance and stage schools and also offering photography workshops (for photographers | beginners to professionals)

Flour dance photography is a genre I have spent the last three years focusing on and have slowly become known for, I truly have a passion for this style of photography.

I am a member of the Master Photographer Association and this year I became a Certified Professional Photographer and also achieved my PAGB Award with The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain.

I have a love for dance photography, hence the name… Nothing makes me feel more happy than capturing that movement and keeping that memory alive forever.

If you would like to book me for your dance and or theatre school or as an individual, drop me an email, call me or we can arrange a meet up.. I do love a good cup of coffee


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